Millennial olive garden of Lun & Naked Soul in Berlin

Beginning of June we spend some time in Croatia near Novalja in a monster van as a try out. Later we visited Berlin for a 5 Rhythms workshop “Naked Soul”, given by Jonathan Horan.

We had the luck to visit the Millennial Olive trees of Lun and still be present at sunset. A humbling experience to walk between those 300 – 2000 year old trees. We are only very temporary creatures, passing on life to each other before our cup finally dries out.

The oldest tree is 2000 years old

And we enjoyed Croatia

End June we followed the workshop in Berlin. This city still bears the remnants of WW II, even 30 years after the fall of the wall. We were touched by the way the Berliner / Germans keep the remembering of their raw history alive : the holocaust memorial, the stasi museum, checkpoint Charlie, an exposition trying to situate how the cruelty of the WWII all could happen. It needs courage to look into the mirror. And it also touched us also deeply how the previous East-German people – after almost 30 years of suppression – peacefully took the wall down and stood up in the light.

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