Pilgrimage Home is the blog relating the journey of Marion and Patrick in 2017. Both exchanged their long distance relationship Austria-Belgium for a long term engagement, released their respective jobs, communities and companies and started on a one year journey around the world.

Currently they are in Ecuador.


I’m Marion and have still some month till my 50th birthday. I grew up with my older sister in Vienna.
I loved to raise my wonderful son Aniko who is almost 22 now. My life as a lonely mother gave me the chance to experience different layers of our social system and western lifestyle.

After 4 years as a bank assistant I decided to follow my passion for the work with children and art. I loved my work as a Montessori teacher and that I could contribute my creative skills to the projects I was gifted to work in.

To get to know Patrick 4 years ago, required decisions. After 3 years we didn’t want to live in a long distance relationship anymore and it didn’t fit, just to move to the other. After a intense process we decided to to go on a journey to look for “our place”.

So I quit my job, took a time out in my community I used to live, released my son in real life and took the gift and the challenge of a committed relationship to experience new perspectives, to enjoy life and to find my way home, home to myself.


Belgian Coast, the other side


I am Patrick Henckes (linkedin), soon 52 and grew up in a protected environment in Flanders (Belgium) with 2 brothers and one sister. I was given to raise and love three now wonderful endoftwenty-somethings from quite young on and am very proud of them.
I am an MD Electronics Engineer, with a very diverse career going from R&D in microelectronics over durable construction, refurbished IT equipment and many other business startups that mostly evolved to full scale businesses.


I quitted my active involvements end 2016 in order to transform the context of my loving relationship with Marion, and to take the opportunity of the break to go on a common journey home, … by changing all perspectives and leaving the current beaten paths.
I am also passioned by spirituality, personal and community development, dance (5Rhythms/OpenFloor), nature and much much more …