Dancing in Tel Aviv

We joined an amazing 5 Rhythms workshop with Kate Shela with the title “space”. This topic couldn’t be more suitable for us after a year travelling. From a 3 years long distance relationship, where we only spent the good times together, to a year where we spent 24 hours being together : we had it all.
And what a challenge… and still we want to go on together.

Stormy winter weather in Tel Aviv with only 15 degrees at our arrival.

And while visiting a friend Efrat, we enjoyed her hospitality, the delicous Israeli food and the talks about life and pilgrimage.

Our stay of 20 days in Israel was very intense : interesting, passionate, touching, shocking, sad, … all in once. Meeting people who came from far to finally find their “home”, hearing their motivations and their struggle. And seeing many Palestinians who’s home were on purpose destroyed and chased away.

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