The last beaches and the art of living in Lisbon

Here already some visual tapas. Should make you hungry to have a look at the whole

Before finalising our 4 weeks of reflection, meditation, sun and lazy beaches in Portugal, we enjoyed the last days of warm (22C + 8 hours of sun) Algarve weather before heading to Lissabon.

And finally we arrived in Lissabon : which is known for it’s addiction to street and graffiti art :

And Lisbon is also known for it’s history of azuleios (coloured ceramic tiles), which triggered our fascination for patterns.


We finalised our stay with some sightseeing in and around the town.

Now we are in Israel, for visiting & also because we wanted/loved to dance a workshop with Kate Shela, who moved over from California for this. At Christmas, we will be in Vienna. At new year, we will go for tribal dance with Silvija Tomcik, and afterwards we will make a visit to the Belgian family.

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