Official wedding in Vienna

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Here some news of juli 2018. We married in a very small circle for the state, and plan our ceremony with friends and family somewhere next year !

We have known each other deeply since now quite some time. It led us through many new paths, one of which was leaving our jobs and going on a world journey. Before the start of our pilgrimage, 1,5 years ago, Marion made a pair of two rings, which we wore day and night as a sign of our engagement.

Since then, we have been trying to make some further steps, and it didn’t work out. Marrying officially in Belgium seemed to be administratively to complex. For a Belgian to marry in Austria was much simpler.

So we added a third ring to it and have married the 7th of July in Gumpoldskirchen for the Austrian state, in a very small circle with only our both parents and two witnesses present.

This is only our first step. The next step will be our wedding ritual in a big circle of family and friends where we want many to witness our commitment and to celebrate life together. We still don’t know if it will take place in Belgium or in Austria, but it is going to take place next year.

Some impressions of the day :

And afterwards we enjoyed a few days spa

And a 5 Rhythms workshop “One Tribe” with Peter Fejer, which was a wonderful celebration of life.

Zebegeny, Hungary

Sunflowers capturing the sun

And some funny pictures


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