Landart, 5 rhythms in Barcelona, Biking, NVC and Birthday in the Netherlands

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It has been too long ago that we posted and we feel sorry for that, so here some impressions, starting with a Naturcoaching with Landart workshop Marion followed in Allgau (D).


Later, end may, we went for 5 days for a mirrors workshop “More than this” with Alain Allard. Deep and profound work.


We later picked up our bikes in Belgium and started a trip upward north along the coast of the Netherlands. With packed bikes, a tent and a cooker, and the wind in the opposite direction.


After 1,5 years of being 7/7 days, 24/24 hours together, we felt more and more the need to work on our communication, … and so we followed a 10 day submersive workshop on Non Violent Communication in the Netherlands. We were with +- 60 participants and it was an amazing and challenging experience. Truly, we are finally learning how to talk to each other.

The 19th of june, the workshop ended and Patrick had his 53’rd birthday. Ageing never stops, … also rejuvenating never stops. We biked back and passed by Belgium, where we stayed at our dear friends place Hilde Van Gool.


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