Desert and the dead sea

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We were searching for a desert experience out of the overcrowded seashore and landed near the crater at Mitzpe Ramon where we lodged in a hut in the desert. We loved the simplicity and the immense silence, even if Israeli soldiers were holding shooting exercises a few kilometers further. Our little duplex hut was amazing, no running but jerrycanned water, a small gas cooker, a small gas heater, a toilet and solar powered hot shower 100 meter further & 20 meter down, neighboring huts 100 m further, a terrace made of rocks and a few cushions and a superb view.

Later we dived into the nearby crater and lodged in a Bedouin campment, where our very calm host Walidi prepared us some delicious food/bread cooked on or in the ground. Silence was shared with some 500 kids a little further as it was Hanukah holiday : celebration of the light.

We dove into the Dead Sea area, with its fastly receding shoreline (1m level / year) and desintegrating shores (6000 sinkholes and heavy erosion). We enjoyed the floating on the heavy water, the salt formations and the clay/mud depositions. At night, we slept outdoors, inspired by a rave party with boys & girls trying to escape the reality of their coming 2-3 years of armed service.

In the passing, we wandered around Herods 2000 year old desert fortress in Masada. Where he built Roman swimming pools on a high rock (15Ha surface) in the desert : high tech of 2000 years ago.

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