Farben Ecuadors

Title : lemons just picked from a tree and set aside on the banks of the Bobonaza river

Mosaic : chilis, ecuadorian guava’s in one of their many forms (quimbolito’s), pitaya (dragon fruit), platanas, tree tomato and naranjillas on the ground on a market

 Mosaic : Guanabana, tree tomato, big nut – the base of all the Sarayaku’s drinking cups, kind of cocoa pod ripe when green : an (addictively good) white bean tasting like white chocolate (only found with the Sarakuya’s, not on any rainforest market we did later). It seems from their many seeds inside, only 2 are female and will grow trees with those fruits. All other males are just to eat. Maybe we should call them the spider-fruits :-).

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